Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple

This temple is an exceptional house of God. It is unique compared to most other temples not only in the United States, but also other temples in the entire world. It was designed after the Kusum Sarovar found in India. It is the only building the United States of America with a Rajasthani style. Here you are permitted and view the different features found inside it. There are guides who will accompany and explain all the details you want from ten early in the morning up to seven in the evening.  It has fifty inches temple dome, one hundred and eight spires, carved teak altar, marble statutes of the deities , offers a great view to Wasatch mountains and very elegant details all over it. The temple was constructed by local devotees and brought about the aspect of Hindu devotion in the area.

The construction of this temple began after Charu Das came to Utah in 1975 and found that the landscape was very convenient for building such a temple. Together with the wife they came back to the state and constructed the great temple. It got finished in 1998 and had traditional doomed design of the many other temples. Besides to the grand gill top temple, its ground has large amphitheaters with a space that can accommodate thousands of people. The fact that it can accommodate this high number of people makes it a great destination for many people.


When you visit this temple, you will learn some of the critical issues regarding the beliefs and history of Krishna consciousness. In case you want to you can also take part in a short session of Kirtan in one of the temple rooms when you end your tour.  Since it got opened, the temple has managed to attract a lot of seekers, devotees and other people who come here to take part in Annual holi festival.  You can also visit the cows and llamas in the animal park. You also have an opportunity to enjoy your lunch served at the vegetarian buffet or you can also decide to have Sunday love feast. The holi festival is one of the events hosted outside India that attracts a lot of people from the different parts of the world. During the event people throw sand at each other and shoot high quality photos.

Inside the temple there is a natural amphitheater that can accommodate thousands of people.   From March up to October, there are a lot of entertainments that are held here. Some of these entertainments include photography and art displays, cuisine tasting, tour guides, weddings, receptions, fireworks and well guided llama tours. Besides, you also get a gift shop where you can buy any item you might require.  There are also several family re-unions, schools, summer organisations and scout troops. You can visit the temple any time you are enjoying your holiday and you can come here with your children and friends. It is a place you will learn more and get to embrace Hinduism as a religion even if you are not one.

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