Springville Museum of Art

Springville museum of art was founded in 1937 and got extended in 1946. It got its registration as a historic destination in 1986. The museum is popular because of its rich collection of arts ranging from the pioneer period to the modern days. Most of the major artistic styles are offered in permanent galleries found here. The pieces of arts are organised in chronological way and demonstrates how art in Utah has developed over the years. There are two major sections in the museum where you will enjoy seeing the different exhibits.

Temporary exhibitions

There are temporary exhibitions you can view here. The seven main galleries are located on the first floor where they are displayed. They consist of exhibits with different types of styles that deal with both contemporary and historical issues. Some of the exhibitions here include spring salon, the quilt show and religious show.

Permanent exhibitions

In the museum you also get several collections of more than two thousand arts. They are usually located on the second floor of the museum and consist more arts from former Soviet Union, Utah and even the United States.

Why you should visit the museum

Since it was opened, the museum has grown in the number of visitors it every year.  This has managed it to develop to become one of the largest museums in Utah. It is organised in a good way meaning that when you are inside, you have the opportunity to view all the arts and other exhibits presented here. It is a place where you get to learn more about the history of the United States of America. There are ample information provided and the staff here are very friendly. They will explain to you about the origin and how the different arts signify.

You also get to learn more about the History of the former Soviet Union because there are many arts from the union displayed in the museum. Besides, there are staff who are children friendly and will explain to your kids about the different exhibits. There are areas that are set aside for kids with children friendly exhibits. There are also books and other literal materials where you can read about the history of Utah and other major states in the United States. Therefore, you can also spend your good time as you read the different states if you have the time. The good thing is that the arts are not only those in the past, but also those in the modern times. So, you get to learn how things have happened from the past to the present.

Best times to visit the museum

Springville museum of art is open all year round meaning that you can visit any time you feel you want to learn more about different historical art works.  However, it is always good to come here during the summer when the weather conditions are conducive. It is also good you do prior research to know the time you might not get a crowd so that you can have a good learning experience.

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