Spanish Fork, UT

Brief History

Spanish Fork is a city with a population of about forty thousand according to 2017 estimates. It is located in the Utah valley and has Wasatch Range on the eastern sides and on the northwest part is Utah Lake. The city was first settled in 1852 by people who attended the church of Jesus Christ. This was a part of the Mormon Pioneers Settlement in the area. Before, the area was settled by Native Americans and those who came described it as an area with a lot of spreading meadows with enough land to irrigate. This is the reason they found it worth settling down here. Besides, the area also had a lot of firewood and timber, pasture for grazing and for herding horses, cattle and sheep.  The settles scattered in the area and refereed it as the upper settlement. However, there were also other large groups that settled in the lower settlement. With more and more settlements taking place, the area grew and some of the necessary amenities began to come up and this is what led to the growth of the city over the years.


Spanish fork has a manager model of government. It has a manager and an assistant manager who are involved in its administration. The manager is elected in a general election and there are also members of the council who take part in administration of the city. The authorities in the area are well organised with all departments being well functional. The crime rate is also low and this has been a contributing factor to many people settling here for businesses.

Economy and Demography

The city is mainly populated by the whites who take up to 90 percent of the entire population. Other races you get in the city include African Americans, native Americans, pacific islanders, Asians and there are also other races. In the modern times, more and more people have continued to come into the city as it continues to expand and grown in the different economic sectors.

Some Major Events in the City

There are different events that happen in the city you can attend. The good thing is that they happen in different parts of the year, so anytime you come here you will have an event you can attend and get to enjoy. One of the great events is Icelandic days, by the Icelandic association that was formed in 1897. The association is responsible for organizing these days. The days are celebrated in June 17.

Harvest Moon Hurrah

This is an event that is usually organised Spanish Fork Arts Council and it happens on Saturday during September. It is usually close to the day of the full moon.  Some of the activities you get to enjoy here include children activities and crafts, storytelling, painting murals, hay rides and also enjoy different live entertainments.

Fiesta Days and Festivals of Lights

Festivals of light runs from Thanksgiving date to the New Year.  On the other day, fiesta day is held every year July and there are different entertainments to enjoy here.

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