Mapleton, UT

Mapleton is one of the areas in Utah, County with an estimated population of ten thousand as of 2014. The first settlers came here in 1850 and by them the city was known as Union Beach. It began as an agricultural area and was an extension of Springville. There were issues pertaining to water between its residents and those who lived in Springville. This is what led to people in Mapleton to chart its own way as of 1901. It became an incorporated city in 1948.

Its Geography

Mapleton covers an area measuring 32.6 kilometers square and is all land. It stands at 1400 meters above sea level. More of it has characteristics of a rural area, but still has a part of it that is more of a suburb. There are many subdivisions and none of its part touches Interstate 15, and this is what has made the city to look more rural compared to the nearby Spanish Fork and Springville. The main street in the city is U.S Route 89. The area uses innovative planning techniques as a way of trying to preserve its foothills. It retains a small town charm and most of the homes are located on big lots. Most of these lots have sizes that range from a third acre to two acres.

There are several parks in the city including maple Town Park, eagle Rock Park, Ira Allen Park and the Harvest Park. Some of the other landmarks you find in Mapleton include old white church, the pioneer heritage museum, Mapleton city offices and the Levi Kendall log cabin.


Things to do and Attractions in Mapleton

Mapleton has several attractions and there are also many things you can do here. There is George Thomas Museum that is rich in fact and other things that show the history of the country. Here you get to see a lot of artifacts and materials that are not only educative to you, but also your children. There is also the Hill Aerospace Museum. This zoo is great and it offers you a great opportunity to learn a lot of things about the environment and earth.  You will have a walk with several steps you will also walk and exercise in the process.

If you are a bowling enthusiast, then you have an opportunity to do it as you enjoy your holiday. You can enjoy cocktail at super bowl at the sports bowl.  There are also several state parks and other recreational areas you can have a good time with friends and family members.  The main one is Utah Lake State Park or you can also decide to visit the Whitmore Library and enjoy reading different books provided here.  There are also entertainment joints where you can spend your day or night too. There is Digital Brew House Inc., Atchafalaya nightclub, La Parrilla Mexicana and others where you can have your good times.  Therefore, you have wide range of options on where you can visit and do here as a visitor or a resident.

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