Lindon, Utah

Lindon city is located in Utah and it is a portion of the Utah metropolitan and Provo-Orem area. In 2014 the city has a population of more than ten thousand according to the census bureau.

Brief History

This is a city with a rich history and background. It was first settled in 1861 and it started as pioneers traveled in what is referred as the grazing land in Lindon. At first, it was known as String town because the buildings were strung up. They were located between the Pleasant grove and Orem town. In 1901, there was an old Linden tree that act as the current word. Over the years, the city has developed to be organised the way it is today. However, it has maintained some of its original principals.

Major Historical Sites in Lindon City

Gillman Farm

This is one of the major historical sites in the city.  It was bought by James Henry Gillman during the late 19th century, but up to now the farm is still restored by the family generations that have come after him. It is one of the century farms in Utah.

 Lindon Cider Mill

Developed in 1857 Lewis Robinson, the mill acted as the source of cider to the residents of the city every winter and fall. During the summer time, the people used old cider as vinegar. Today the mill is still intact and its original honeycomb sourced from American Fork Canyon is still there.

Alfred Harper House

This house was developed in 1876 using honeycomb limestone and was built by Alfred Harper before he left for New Zealand. He completed it after he returned and planted vines growing over the house. It is the only spot in the city that registered as a historic site.

Lindon Chapel

The chapel was built by LDS members who came here during the late 19th century and was dedicated by Reed Smoot in 1891. Nowadays, the pine trees and original iron fence still remain.  Other major attractions and sites include: Geneva resort, the amusement hall and other memorial sites.

Fun Things to Do in the City

The city is located a distant of thirty minutes on the southern parts of Salt Lake City. It acts as a great attraction to the residents and visitors. It has several recreation opportunities with many parks and other amenities. There is Pheasant Brook Park that is a long trail you can enjoy with even your pets. Here you can enjoy playing baseball, hiking trails and doing other things. There are several playgrounds, picnic sites rich in barbecue grills, pavilions and restroom.

Its long pet-friendly trails, baseball field, gazebo, playgrounds, picnic sites with barbecue grills, hiking trails, restrooms, and pavilions make it an ideal venue for families. The Lindon aquatics center offer fun for people of different ages. There is a leisure pool found to the lazy river and this is a superb place to visit with family and friends during the summer.

Other places you can enjoy fun include seven peaks fun center, nickel fun center, butterfly biosphere, theaters among other spots

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