Heber City, UT

Heber city is located in the north western part of Wasatch County and was founded by English immigrants in the 1850s. The city was originally situated on the western part of the main street between 100 North and Center Street.  At the first, the city was settled by pastoralists who mainly herd cattle in the ranches and mainly kept dairy cattle. There are city offices, amusement hall and the Wasatch stake tabernacle.

Geography and Climate

The city is located in an area that is known as Wasatch Back, covering an area measuring 8.9 km2 and is entirely land. It neighbours three reservoirs including strawberry, Jordanelle and Deer Creek. The area experiences seasonal temperature differences. There is hot to warm and in most cases during these two conditions there is high humidity.  During the winter, the weather can get extremely cold, so when you are planning to visit the area during this time, you need to be ready for such harsh conditions. However, the cold here is on as extreme as other parts of Utah.


Heber city has high employment rates compared to most of the other cities in Utah. There is a large number of people who go to work in Salt Lake City or the park city. One of the major economic activities in this area is tourism. The city experiences influx of tourists from other parts of the United States and also other parts of the world. During the winter season some of the activities to engage in city include downhill skiing, snowmobiling and snowboarding. There are many trails and ski resorts where you can enjoy a great life. During the fall and summer fishing, golfing, hunting and many other outdoor activities you can enjoy in the area.  The Heber Valley Historic Railroad is also located in this city.

Attractions and Things to do in Heber City

There are different attractions and things that you can do in the city. The good thing is that the environment is conducive, so there is no need to have security concerns when you engage in the different recreational activities.  Some of the activities you can enjoy here include.


Snowboarding and skiing are common among many people. Most people go to near park city or resorts to do the skiing and snowboarding.  You get one if the best snow in the world and most of the slopes here are open almost 115 days every year.

Horseback Riding

In the city you will also enjoy horseback riding through trail rides that are well guided. You also get to enjoy western style horse riding classes. The trail rides are open all times in the year even during the winter. The cowboys will show you through the different places in the city. A ninety minutes ride is good for you.

Heber Valley

The valley also acts as one of the areas that attract a lot of people. It is a mountainous area offering train rides, golf courses, hiking trails and others. Other activities include deep creek, fishing and visit Avon Theater.

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