Daughters Of Utah Pioneer Museum-Historical Society

Daughters of Utah pioneers museum is an amazing museum that has a lot of historical artifacts displayed. It was started by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers in 1903 when they began to gather and display artifacts and relics that were collected by its members. From then, there are many arts and items that have been displayed in the different locations. When you visit this museum, you will understand what life was like as a pioneer.  The museum is popular because of its many exceptional objects that pioneer ancestors used in their day to day lives. Most of these items are not used in the modern days. But they help understand how these ancestors survived.  It gives you a lot of fun when you look back and try to reflect how the people went through their operations and the tool that helped them to move on with their lives.

The museum is one of the biggest in the world with a lot of collections of artifacts on a specific subject. It features collections and exhibits from the time that the first settlers came into the Great Salt Lake Valley until 1869 when the railroad were joined at Promontory Point. As you enter the museum, you will be taken back in history. You get items of the pioneer people who were hardy. These are the people who migrated more than two thousand miles from the different parts of the world looking for religious freedom. They also wanted to develop a major city in the Salt Lake Valley and the neighbourhood.


The artifacts you will get in the museum will amaze you. The museum has a lot of necessary items made from some of scarce resources that are usually available in Utah. Besides, the pioneers also had great ornate decorative arts you will still find here. You will learn how they designed and cared about their precious items from the small crystal salters to the large pianos. They museum has some of the items that reminded the pioneers of their homes or the loved ones they left behind.  There are also elegant pine pieces of furniture that look costly. The pioneers also had some of the best things you would find at that time. Some of these things include Victorian décor, homemade utilitarian objects and others.

When you visit the museum you do not only get amused by the great artifacts and other materials you will see. The staff in the museum are also very knowledgeable about the different items that are displayed inside. They will give you good explanations and answer any question you might have. If you are planning to come here with your children, they get a great opportunity to learn more about the history not of Utah, but entire world since some of the items here were not only designed in the United States, but other parts of the world too. The good thing is that the explanation are given in a simple, way that even kids can understand and get enlightened about history.

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