Buckley Mountain

Buckley Mountain is the largest mountain located in the southern parts. If you are looking forward to get a great experience, you should consider visiting this place and even climb it. If you decide to enjoy a hike, there are different routes that you can follow. One of the routes you can use is the slate canyon route that is on the northern part of the mountain. Besides, you can also decide to use the little rock canyon on the southern part of the mountain.  Regardless of the route that you decide to use, you will begin the hike at the floor of the valley. From here, you can decide to move up straight on the western face or east around its back and then move up.  You will move up an elevation or more than seven miles.

It is a mountain that you do not to worry a lot because if you have a four wheel drive car, you can do it without a lot of hassles. However, you also have to be prepared to go through some breathtaking routes you need to apply your driving skills in the most possible way. When you follow the squaw peak trail, it will seem like it is driving through a ranch. The journey from Hobble creek to kolob basin might take you approximately three hours. You will have to drive through some rough roads that might seem hard if you have a light vehicle. When you get out of the foothills on the northern parts of Hobble creek, you start enjoying good views and you will enjoy your hike and ride. When you reach Kolob Basin overlook, you will be able to view Buckley Mountain from the south eastern side. One of the things you will note as you go up the mountain is that there are a lot of small and large flies, but this should not bother you a lot.

 As you do your hiking, you can opt for the peak that you will want to hit. Some of these picks include Provo peak and shingle mill peak. At the Provo peak you will have a great view of the mountain. When you at the summit of this peak you can also be able to look at other routes that you can follow to hike the mountain. You can decide to get more aggressive and go to the summit of the mountain following the route with a lot of groves of aspen. You come across a game trail that makes your hiking experience easier and more enjoyable. Within half an hour, you will be on the saddle. From that point you come across grass tufts and small rocks on the southern part. After about ten minutes, you will them be at the south peak. When you reach the saddle, the mountain has a lot of gravels, but they are easy to maneuver. In overall, Buckley Mountain is a great for anyone who like hiking and the good thing is that it is not hard.

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