Which Flowers are Safe for Human Consumption?

Which Flowers are Safe for Human Consumption?

When you think about flowers you might just think about the role they play in beautification. You might also think that they are only used as gifts especially between men and women. However, it is worth noting that flowers can also be used for consumption. There are different kinds of flowers that you can eat and they offer nutritious value to your body. However, it is also worth noting that there are some that are toxic, so you have to be careful before you decide to eat any kind of flower that you will find.

Check the plant and ensure it is not sprayed

Before you make the decision whether you can eat a certain flower, it is good that you look at the plant. All flowers come from plants and if that plant is not safe, then it also means that the flower from that plant should not be eaten. Note that there are some flowers that you can eat and get sick or even die. The other thing is to make sure that the flowers are not sprayed with pesticides or insecticides. This is something you can avoid only if you plant your own flowers because you are sure that you have not spared them when you want to eat. However, you can still buy from reputable farms that cannot cheat you.  To get the best benefits, you should not eat a lot of them at once, like you do with other types of food.

Kinds of flowers you can consume

There are two major kinds of flowers that you can consume. One of the types is the herbal flowers and ornamental flowers. When you eat the herbal ones, you will note that the taste is almost the same. They take the same with their stem and leaves. However, when it comes to the ornamental flowers you note there are differences in taste between their different plant parts.

How to harvest the flowers

It is advisable that you harvest these edible flowers when the day is cool. It is good you do this at the noon. To get the best flavor it is necessary that you only harvest them when they are at their pick. Note that it is not right to harvest those that have not opened fully or those that have began to wither. After picking them, you should then store them in a cool place with their stems dipped in the water. In case you have selected the blossom to eat, then you should only pick a few minutes before consuming them.  Due to the fact that pollen might cause allergic reactions or affect the flavor, it is necessary you remove the stamens and pistils.

Heath benefits of consumable flowers

Most of the flowers are rich in vitamin C, and other minerals such as magnesium, calcium and zinc. Some of these flowers include borage, calendula, carnation, dandelion, scented geraniums and roses. They contain a few non-essential fats, carbohydrates so you do not have to worry about side effects.

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